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About me

Hi, I'm Arthur Scheidel, Game Developer. I am passionate about video games and skateboarding and have the chance to do both for a living. I develop games professionally, skate part-time and promote healthy habits. You can download my resume here.



I am an experienced game developer, working professionally for 3 years after 2 years of independent work and learning. I had the amazing chance to be part of the Ubisoft Mobile Studio in Paris. I then started my own business, developing games on my own terms.



I have studied Software and Knowledge Engineering. It Includes many high-level languages (Webs, C++, Java, ...) Strong low-level basis (C, Assembly, Computer Architecture, ...) and more, see the full list here (in French)

Famous French Youtuber Bob Lennon wearing my Rody A Ibiza Pins
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You will find my PC games on lacrearthur.itch.io. my Android games are on Google Play Store. my iOS games are on Apple App Store.
My last 3 itch.io Games:


You can find all my projects and games online.
My games are mostly on lacrearthur.itch.io and my training projects are on my github.

Old Games
Training Projects
  • chevron_right Fully working compiler for a sub-C language, using C, Lex & Yacc
    chevron_right Generate an assembly program compilable into a working exe
    chevron_right Semester project on the Compilation course, sources here
  • chevron_right A C++ Genetic Algorithm that search for the shortest path on a 2D OpenGL map with randomly generated obstacles
    chevron_right From scratch genetic algorithm with distributed islands
    chevron_right Semester project on the Distributed Systems course, sources here
  • chevron_right A Java project that computes statistics over the GenBank genomic Big Data and create an excel files tree
    chevron_right Uses JxBrowser to provide a responsive web interface bridged to Java components
    chevron_right Handles connections loss during the process and updates of statistics
    chevron_right Year project on Research Algorithms & Bioinformatics courses, sources here
  • chevron_right A HTML/CSS/PHP/JS web market featuring a fully fonctional basket and a "pixel perfect" integration of an image model
    chevron_right No other framework than Bootstrap
    chevron_right Half semester project on the Web langages course, sources here
  • chevron_right A C++ Stereoscope using OpenGL to create a 3D model of an object and compute it distance to the camera
    chevron_right Semester project on the Object oriented programming course, sources here
  • chevron_right A HTML/CSS & PHP/PLSQL web bartering system featuring an inteligent PLSQL database
    chevron_right Whole MVC from scratch, no frameworks
    chevron_right Semester project on the Advance DB course, sources here
T. Nishikado describing his Space Invaders sprites draft
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