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About me

Hi, I'm Arthur Scheidel, Game Developer. I am passionate about video games and skateboarding and have the chance to do both for a living. I develop games professionally, skate part-time and promote healthy habits. You can download my resume here.



I am an experienced game developer, working professionally for 5 years after 2 years of independent work and learning. I had the amazing chance to be part of the Ubisoft Mobile Studio in Paris. I then started my own business, developing games on my own terms.



I have studied Software and Knowledge Engineering. It Includes many high-level languages (Webs, C++, Java, ...) Strong low-level basis (C, Assembly, Computer Architecture, ...) and more, see the full list here (in French)

Famous French Youtuber Bob Lennon wearing my Rody A Ibiza Pins
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You will find my PC games on lacrearthur.itch.io. my Android games are on Google Play Store. my iOS games are on Apple App Store.
My Last Mobile Games

My last itch.io Games

Old Games
Training Projects
  • chevron_right Fully working compiler for a sub-C language, using C, Lex & Yacc
    chevron_right Generate an assembly program compilable into a working exe
    chevron_right Semester project on the Compilation course, sources here
  • chevron_right A C++ Genetic Algorithm that search for the shortest path on a 2D OpenGL map with randomly generated obstacles
    chevron_right From scratch genetic algorithm with distributed islands
    chevron_right Semester project on the Distributed Systems course, sources here
  • chevron_right A Java project that computes statistics over the GenBank genomic Big Data and create an excel files tree
    chevron_right Uses JxBrowser to provide a responsive web interface bridged to Java components
    chevron_right Handles connections loss during the process and updates of statistics
    chevron_right Year project on Research Algorithms & Bioinformatics courses, sources here
  • chevron_right A HTML/CSS/PHP/JS web market featuring a fully fonctional basket and a "pixel perfect" integration of an image model
    chevron_right No other framework than Bootstrap
    chevron_right Half semester project on the Web langages course, sources here
  • chevron_right A C++ Stereoscope using OpenGL to create a 3D model of an object and compute it distance to the camera
    chevron_right Semester project on the Object oriented programming course, sources here
  • chevron_right A HTML/CSS & PHP/PLSQL web bartering system featuring an inteligent PLSQL database
    chevron_right Whole MVC from scratch, no frameworks
    chevron_right Semester project on the Advance DB course, sources here
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